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5 Reasons Why ABA Therapy Is The Best Autism Treatment

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There are so many different types of therapies for autism. Every child is unique, and their needs will vary depending on factors like age, severity, and type of autism they have. Certain types of therapies may not be right for your child because they don’t offer any benefits or they may have unanticipated risks. ABA therapy is one of the most highly-recommended behavioral therapies for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). It focuses on teaching specific skills that are helpful in everyday life. This article will explore some of the benefits of ABA therapy, why it’s so helpful for children with ASD, and why it’s considered to be the best option for children with autism as treatment with ABA therapy. Read on to learn more about this

Why Is ABA Therapy Recommended?

ABA therapy is the most highly-researched and well-supported type of therapy for children with ASD. This is because it has been tested and researched for many years. It has also been found to be highly effective in improving a wide range of skills for these children. ABA therapy has been proven to help children with ASD develop social and communication skills by teaching them how to interact with others and how to communicate with others using the correct language. These skills are important for everyday life and are often impaired in children with ASD.

Through the use of specific learning and therapy techniques, such as positive reinforcement and contingency training, children can learn how to communicate better, develop better social skills, improve their ability to interact with others, and even learn how to use various skills like eating and toileting.

How Does ABA Therapy Work?

ABA therapy is based on the principle of positive reinforcement. This means that the therapist will use positive reinforcement to teach the child new skills. The therapist will start by pairing behavior with something enjoyable. For example, the therapist may show the child a toy and then give the child a piece of candy after the child performs the desired behavior. This helps the child associate the desired behavior with the desired outcome, which then motivates the child to perform the desired behavior again.

After a while, the child will associate the desired behavior with the desired outcome without any external motivation. The therapist will then progress to pairing the desired behavior with something the child enjoys less, like something less enjoyable, or even nothing at all. This helps the child learn that associating the desired behavior with something less desirable will help decrease the desire to perform the desired behavior. As the child continues to practice the desired skill, he or she will associate the desired behavior with less and less desirable outcomes, eventually becoming desensitized to the unwanted behaviors.

Some Of The Benefits Of ABA Therapy

  • Increased attention span – Children with ASD often have low attention spans. Positive reinforcement helps them learn how to increase their focus and attention span. They will learn how to concentrate on something longer, which helps them learn and retain new information better.
  • Improved communication – All children learn how to communicate with people around them. However, children with ASD often have difficulties with communication skills. ABA therapy can help strengthen these communication skills. The child will start learning how to use language more effectively. The child will also learn how to understand what others want or want to say better, which can change the way they communicate with others.
  • Improved social skills – Some children with ASD are hyper-reactive to certain sounds or touch. This can make it extremely difficult for them to socialize with others. ABA therapy can help children with ASD learn how to control their reactions and control how they receive touch. This can help the child to socialize better with others.
  • Improved cognitive function – A few studies have found a link between ASD and lower brain volumes. ABA therapy has been shown to improve brain function in individuals with ASD who have lower brain volumes.

Signs That You Should Consider ABA Therapy For Your Child

  1. Your child has severe symptoms of ASD – ABA therapy has been found to be highly effective for children with severe symptoms of ASD. These children often have a hard time communicating with people, have unusual behaviors, and have a hard time participating in daily activities. ABA therapy can help these children to improve their communication, social skills, and daily functioning.
  2. Your child has delays in two or more areas – ABA therapy can help improve your child’s skills in two or more areas. This can help your child to become more independent.
  3. Your child has co-existing disabilities – ABA therapy can help your child who has co-existing disabilities. These disabilities can be physical, intellectual, or learning disabilities.
  4. Your child has been receiving ABA therapy for a long period of time – Research has shown that the benefits of ABA therapy can last a long time. If your child has been receiving ABA therapy for a long time, it’s safe to assume that the therapy is effective.


  • AAC Therapy – AAC therapy is a relatively new form of therapy that combines the best aspects of ABA with certain principles of AAC. In contrast to ABA, in which the therapist focuses on teaching language and social skills, the focus of AAC therapy is on developing the child’s fine motor skills. AAC therapy can be very helpful for children who have sensory issues, such as having a difficult time with hand-eye coordination, or who have attention issues. AAC therapy can be very helpful for children who have poor hand-eye coordination. It can also be helpful for children with attention issues, such as ADHD or dyslexia. With AAC therapy, the therapist will focus on the child’s motor skills, such as the way they hold objects, the way they grip objects, and the way they move their hands.
  • BETA Initiative – A separate type of therapy that has become increasingly popular over the past few years is called BETA Initiative. BETA Initiative is a type of therapy that is designed to improve language skills. It combines elements of ABA and AAC. This therapy is a relatively new therapy, and the research on it is limited. However, it has been shown to be effective for some children with ASD. In BETA Initiative, the therapist focuses on teaching the child language through play, touch, and sounds. The child will use gestures to teach the therapist new words and phrases. The child can learn new words through sentence play, where they make up stories with the therapist and act out the parts.

Combining Both AAC and BETA for the Best Results

A final benefit of ABA therapy is that it can be combined with AAC therapy. This can strengthen the benefits of both therapies and make them more effective. AAC therapy focuses on improving the child’s fine motor skills. BETA Initiative therapy focuses on language and storytelling skills. When these therapies are combined, the child can receive added benefits from both therapies.

Bottom Line

ABA therapy is highly recommended for children with ASD. It can help them to develop better social and communication skills, to improve cognitive function, and to become more independent. ABA therapy can be combined with other therapies to provide further benefits. The therapy has been proven to be effective, and it’s recommended because it’s been well-researched and has been used by professionals for years. ABA therapy is based on the principle of positive reinforcement, which means that the child will learn new skills by pairing them with something enjoyable. Each session will start by pairing behavior with something enjoyable, such as a reward. Then, the therapist will progress to pairing the behavior with something less desirable, such as a less desirable reward.

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