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7 Ways to Make a Surprise Inside Macaron Boxes

Boxed macarons are the perfect gift because they are individually packaged, delicious, and beautiful to look at. Adding a special surprise like candy inside Macaron Boxes takes them from delicious to exquisite, though it can be difficult to figure out how to make it happen if you’ve never done it before! Here are seven tips for successfully packaging macarons with surprises inside.

1) Pick a Theme

It’s one of the most important aspects of marketing. It’s what first attracts people, so it’s important to make it as appealing as possible. Custom boxes are a great way to stand out from other brands and make your packaging more unique. There are many ways you can custom-design packaging for macarons, but these seven methods will help you get started.

2) Coordinate Colors

The process of making custom boxes is fairly simple if you have the right materials. You can use anything from cardboard, plastic, or foam sheets. You will also need an X-Acto Knife and pen or pencil for drawing your design. You must get the color of the pen/pencil on both sides of the box so that it doesn’t show through once you cut out your design.

3) Choose a Shape

Custom boxes are a great option for making a surprise inside macaron boxes. They can be used for many occasions and provide the perfect way to express your creativity. Here are some ideas for custom boxes that you could use:
-Bookshelf box: This is an ideal shape for those who want their guests to be able to open their present on the spot.

4) Consider the Filling

Your macarons need to be boxed up and ready for gifting. For the best presentation, your macarons must be packaged nicely. To create a surprise inside, wrap each macaron individually with tulle or ribbon and place them inside of custom boxes. These boxes can be ordered online or made by hand with cardboard and cardstock paper. Use double-sided tape to seal the boxes shut before you assemble them.

5) Decorate the Outside of the Box

Get custom boxes or use something you have on hand like empty cereal boxes. Add tape and ribbon in coordinating colors to the outside of the box with some glue. Cut out shapes from colorful paper, then attach them inside the box on either side of your surprise so they are peeking out through the sides. Decorate with small pieces of candy or other goodies that match your theme to create a more cohesive look if desired.

6) Include a Personal Note

I’ve been making macarons for a while now and they’re always my go-to when it comes time to make something. But I have this one friend who can’t eat gluten, so I wanted to make her something too. That’s when I thought: why not put some in the box? It would be like getting two gifts in one! Which is what these custom boxes are perfect for.

7) Give the Gift of Time

For your Valentine this year, give the gift of time. Custom Boxes with pre-made macarons inside are a great way to show you care and make it easy on them. Let them know that you love them by giving them the gift of time for themselves! I know what you’re thinking, I’m not good at baking. That’s ok! We can custom-bake macarons and put our special touch on the outside so they look as delicious as they taste.

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