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Acumen 2.0 Powered by Epic

Acumen 2.0 powered by Epic is a new electronic health record that helps nephrologists improve patient care and share data with other healthcare providers. Developed by Acumen Physician Solutions, a subsidiary of Fresenius Medical Care North America, this solution is designed to provide a single, comprehensive electronic health record for nephrologists. The new technology allows physicians and other healthcare providers to communicate and share information in a way that has never been possible before.


Epic Acumen 2.0 is an e-health platform that connects Epic and other health organizations to share patient data and information. This software is the information backbone of many large health systems in the United States, supporting more than 1,950 hospitals and 41,200 clinics and 336,000 physicians. Its mission is to improve the quality of care by increasing data sharing between health organizations. Its latest release, Acumen 2.0, helps improve patient care by streamlining the sharing and access of longitudinal patient records.

Acumen 2.0 is built on the Epic platform and provides an advanced clinical workflow experience. The software is currently being tested in a beta version, with RenalCare Associates being an active development partner and beta-testing site. Although it is in the early stages of development, the system is already advanced enough to help nephrologists deliver safe patient care. The system is specifically designed to support daily workflow and EHR requirements in nephrology practices.

Nephrology office clinical system

Acumen 2.0 is an EHR platform designed specifically for nephrologists. The system combines advanced clinical workflow capabilities with seamless integration with national pharmacy firms, hospitals, and laboratories. It also features a web-based patient portal. It supports the HIPAA standards and helps nephrologists manage their practice more efficiently.

The system integrates with Epic and other networks, enabling it to be used by a large number of practices. Its centralized administrative features make data management easy and intuitive. So, It allows providers to analyze patient health data and review patient reports. It also has a support staff to answer technical questions and ensure the software works the way it is supposed to.

Acumen 2.0 also includes standard reports to manage business and clinical operations. It allows physicians to search patient registries by diagnosis and other criteria. This makes it possible to ensure that patients are getting the appropriate therapies for their health. The system also allows users to access patient information for education and other helpful services.

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Robust user interfaces

Robust user interfaces are an important part of a health care IT system. They make the system easy to use and maintain. Users of the system should have a positive experience using it. The user interface should be accessible and easy to understand, and there should be a keyboard emulator and speech input mechanisms. In addition, the interface should be robust, so that it can keep up with changing technology.

The new system aims to provide physician practices with a superior user experience. It was built on an Epic platform and is based on advanced clinical workflow. In addition, the team at Acumen has worked with several nephrology practices to improve the product’s functionality.

Data sharing

Acumen 2.0 is an upgrade to Acumen’s existing health IT products that focus on data sharing, systems interoperability, and care coordination. These features are increasingly important as health systems adopt risk-based care models and population health management efforts. In addition to facilitating improved access to patient data, these technologies can also help providers better manage their business and meet patients’ needs.

Using Acumen 2.0’s MyChart portal to share patient information is easy and allows patients to communicate directly with their healthcare provider. They can also view areas of their medical records and schedule appointments with their physicians or nurses. Furthermore, through Epic’s Care Everywhere network, the practice has access to patient information from other Epic providers, including hospitals. This provides a comprehensive picture of a patient’s health.

Needs for Meaningful Use recertification

Acumen 2.0 offers a number of patient-centered features that improve care coordination. For instance, it allows patients to view their medical records on their own, communicate with their physician and nurse, and schedule appointments. This software also provides access to patient information from hospitals through Epic’s Care Everywhere network, allowing a complete picture of the patient’s health. Finally, users can easily import data from other Epic providers, including physician practices and hospitals.

Acumen 2.0 is a step up from the company’s current health IT solutions. It helps nephrologists succeed in today’s rapidly changing healthcare landscape. It focuses on interoperability, data sharing, and care coordination – all important components in population health management efforts and risk-based care models. In fact, by 2017, twenty percent of Fresenius Medical Care’s patients will be under risk-based care.

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