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Allscripts TouchWorks EHR and Misys HER

Allscripts is a publicly traded company in the United States that offers practice management solutions and electronic health record technology to healthcare professionals. Founded in 1984, the company’s products are used in hospitals, physician offices, and other health care settings. The company’s goal is to make the healthcare industry more efficient and effective by reducing the administrative burden of medical care.

CarePort Health

Allscripts EHR has made significant changes since its initial public offering, and in particular, its CarePort Health business, which was sold to WellSky Corp. for $1.35 billion (13x trailing 12-month EBITDA), has undergone a significant transformation. It also offloaded its EPSi financial decision support business to Strata Decision Technology for $365 million. This sale is expected to close later in the third quarter.

Allscripts offers a variety of healthcare IT services, from application development and implementation to managed services and consulting. These services can help healthcare organizations streamline operations and improve patient care. They provide integrated solutions and support for clinical decision-making, e-prescribing, and lab systems.

While the deal is not final, the combined company’s services will support Allscripts’ population-health management platform, CareInMotion, which helps health organizations deliver value-based and patient-centered care. It also includes a comprehensive framework for managing population health issues. While Allscripts has not disclosed the financial terms of the acquisition, it expects net after-tax proceeds to be used to invest in its healthcare solutions, as well as deleverage its balance sheet further. It also plans to invest in significant share repurchases.

CarePort Health’s integration with Allscripts’ care management solution is an important step in enhancing the patient experience. Its technology will help health providers better manage their patients’ post-acute care needs by leveraging information across multiple care settings.

Allscripts TouchWorks

TouchWorks EHR is an integrated, cloud-based electronic health record system that combines clinical features, e-prescribing, and mobile access. Its features span healthcare facilities, outpatient settings, and ambulatory practices. The system provides a patient-centered experience that helps healthcare providers manage their patients and improve their quality of care. In addition to e-prescribing, this system includes an extensive range of clinical decision support and analytics. It is easy to use and scale, enabling physicians to make the most of the features that are most relevant to them.

The company’s EHR business has experienced low single-digit revenue declines in recent years and has been losing clients. The sale of this division will remove the risk of continued client attrition. It will leave Allscripts with a standalone asset with higher growth and higher margins. However, it will experience a wide net loss in 2019 due to attrition from its acute care services.

Allscripts TouchWorks is an EHR platform that combines patient engagement with clinical information. It supports ICD-10 coding and a patient portal, enabling doctors to provide better patient care. Additionally, Allscripts TouchWorks is secure, so patients can interact with their physician safely.

TouchWorks is an EHR for large, multi-specialty practices. Its client support portal includes ClientConnect, a knowledge sharing community. It also has a Learning Center where clients can access training and other resources.


Misys and Allscripts have merged to create a powerful EHR and patient management platform. The combination of these two companies’ products will increase interoperability among healthcare providers and reduce duplication of staff. As an added benefit, customers will be able to switch seamlessly from one system to another.

Misys introduced practice management software in the late 1990s and later acquired revenue cycle management and home health systems. Today, the company produces software and sells services to healthcare providers, offering products such as the Misys Professional EHR. It also sells the Allscripts TouchWorks, which is designed for large physician practices.

The healthcare software from Misys can be a powerful asset for any healthcare organization. However, many organizations aren’t taking full advantage of the benefits of using Misys’ comprehensive suite of products. The key to making the most of Misys is to make sure it is integrated and optimized.

Misys is a British company with a global presence. In the US, Misys and Allscripts are the largest EHR companies, with one in three primary care physicians using the software. The company also provides connectivity solutions to more than 700 US hospitals and home care organizations. The company’s products and services are focused on improving efficiency and patient care.


Cerner’s open platform makes it simple to integrate different applications, which promotes an open culture and collaborative efforts. It also streamlines data to enable faster access to diagnostic procedures. Users can easily communicate with providers through secure messaging, book appointments, and view clinical information. It is also possible to integrate video collaboration.

Cerner is one of the leading health IT vendors, and it controls nearly 25 percent of the hospital EHR market. Its customers appreciate its broad technology, which reduces reliance on third-party solutions. It also offers a consistent workflow for clinicians, which is an important feature for hospitals. However, many large hospitals find it difficult to implement, especially its patient accounting module. Cerner recently launched its CommunityWorks Foundations, which focuses on providing services to smaller hospitals and rural communities.

The company also offers 24/7 eService and training to implement and use its EHR. Users can easily access their EHR through its chart search function, which allows them to find a patient’s chart. However, despite the user-friendly interface, many users have complained that the system takes longer than they expected to complete simple tasks. Users also report that they need training to use the system.

While the future of health IT is still uncertain, Allscripts has taken steps to improve its position in the market. In July, it announced an extension of its alliance with Microsoft. It also launched an updated EHR platform called Sunrise 20.0, running on Microsoft Azure. And in August, the company secured five patents for health IT. The patents cover features such as connecting EHRs to wellness applications and goal tracking. Another patent focuses on improving the way genetic testing data can be searched.

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Epic Systems

Both Epic Systems and Allscripts offer excellent EHR functionality, but each is better suited for different settings and workflows. For example, Allscripts is well suited for outpatient settings, while Epic provides better interdisciplinary communication and a single patient chart for all physicians in an organization. Both systems also offer robust customer support. If you’re planning to switch to an EHR system, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of both systems.

While Allscripts is widely used by physicians, Epic is becoming more popular with large enterprises and is known for its easy-to-use interface. Its cloud-based architecture offers a cost-effective solution for storing patient health records. It also provides third-party apps to enhance patient care and facilitate remote care.

Both companies have impressive customer support and a large knowledge base. Epic, for instance, has a large database of training videos and FAQs, and the company’s customer support team is very helpful. In addition, Epic is committed to ensuring that the product works seamlessly with the rest of the hospital and clinic.

Epic Systems is a pioneer in the field of health information technology and has products used by major health systems and hospitals across the United States. The company was founded in 1979 and is one of the biggest EHR providers in the world. Its product has more than $1 billion in annual revenue and is used by many of the largest health care systems in the United States. The company is privately-owned, does not acquire other companies, and puts a large portion of its profits back into product development. It also has a reputation for its speed of response.


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