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Can You Sue if Your Water Damage Claim is Denied?

Do you live in Alberta? Have you ever had water damage to your property? Did you call your insurance company to file a claim? If so, did you get denied? Did you even know that there are laws in place to ensure you are compensated for the cost of repairs if your insurance company denies your claim? Here’s what you need to know about what’s legal and what’s not when it comes to filing a Water Damage Claim Denied and getting paid back by your insurance company.

What Is Covered by My Homeowners Insurance?

If you find your water damage claim denied, don’t worry: It’s not entirely uncommon. According to FEMA, less than half of insurance claims related to flooding and Water Damage Claim Denied are approved for payment. In fact, over a three-year period, only about 28 percent of these claims were paid in full and another 34 percent were only partially covered. Of course, water damage is often caused by unexpected or catastrophic events that homeowners might not expect to be reimbursed for—such as fire or flood—so it makes sense why insurance companies might be hesitant about covering these types of claims in their entirety. However, if you’ve suffered damages from a faulty sprinkler system or a clogged drain pipe that caused extensive property damage, there may be grounds for legal action against your insurance company.

What Should I Do if I Have an Issue with My Insurance Company?

If your water damage claim has been denied, you may be wondering what to do next. First, don’t panic; you still have options. Second, keep in mind that in order for your case to be successful, you must take proper action. Neglecting certain tasks can hinder your chances of winning so it’s important that you understand how insurance companies make their decisions and what steps you should take to protect yourself. Read on for some advice from a personal injury attorney on how to proceed after filing a Water Damage Claim Denied lawsuit with your insurance company.

For example, let’s say that you had an apartment flood due to an issue with faulty plumbing which resulted in thousands of dollars worth of property damage and belongings destroyed or damaged. If you try calling your insurer without having documented proof of losses like receipts or photos before they deny your water claim, then they could simply refuse to pay based on lack of evidence. Having all relevant information at hand makes it easier for them to determine what part they played in your loss as well as whether or not they are responsible for compensating you. So once again, documentation is key!

Tips to Prevent Future Claims

Water Damage Claim Denied can be costly and time-consuming. To prevent these headaches, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1) Make sure your insurance policy covers water damage;

2) Update your home inventory list to include photos, videos, and digital records of every item in your home (useful when filing a claim);

3) Get flood insurance if you’re located near a flood zone. If you’re not located near a flood zone, you might want to consider it. Floods have been responsible for about 44 percent of all weather-related disasters between 1980 and 2014. This includes water that comes from rain, melting snow, or overflowing rivers and streams.

4) If you experience water damage, start by turning off power at the breaker box or fuse box.

5) Don’t use fans or air conditioning until an expert tells you it’s safe to do so.

6) Immediately contact a professional restoration company that has experience with Water Damage Claim Denied cleanup in order to assess your situation.

7) Document everything as soon as possible after any incident occurs—from taking pictures and videos of damaged areas to writing down notes on what happened—to help reduce confusion later on during discussions with insurance companies or other parties involved with your claim.


My Home Was Damaged

Disasters aren’t uncommon. In fact, in recent years there have been some major disasters that caused hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage. Hurricane Katrina in 2005 cost $108 billion; Superstorm Sandy cost $65 billion; last year’s Northridge earthquake hit $20 billion (and counting). If you’re reading this post after a disaster has already happened—to you or someone you love—you might be feeling an awful lot like insurance adjuster Pete McCoy: I knew I was going to get stuck. How do homeowners insurance disputes lawyers come into play? Here’s a quick rundown. Title: When Water Damage Claim Denied, Who Benefits? Homeowners insurance disputes lawyers will help homeowners with claims against their home insurance companies. Most people don’t realize it but most homeowner policies include liability coverage as well. This coverage pays for damages resulting from bodily injury to others on your property.

I Tried to Repair the Damage

I would never claim to know how a lawyer thinks. I’m too pragmatic for that. But when homeowners insurance disputes lawyers are in play, it seems most people are on one side of a dispute or another. And yet sometimes it’s almost as if we’re talking about two different worlds: The world of claims and repairs–and then there’s how a homeowner (and their legal counsel) see things from their perspective. As someone who has seen a lot of disputes firsthand … I can assure you that sometimes these two very different worlds can make for some strange bedfellows; all so both sides will end up with what they want — sometimes even at odds with each other. Sometimes an insurer just wants to do business with its customers. Sometimes attorneys act out of concern for clients’ best interests — no matter how seemingly outrageous their demands may be. At times, however, attorneys are simply acting out of self-interest. For example, if an attorney represents more than one person with a similar claim against an insurer… Well let’s just say that puts them in a bit of a conflict-of-interest position! These situations require oversight by our courts… Because every time you think you’ve heard everything … along comes something else!

I Am Still Waiting for My Claim to Be Paid.

If you have Water Damage Claim Denied company that has yet to be paid—or if they’re making you jump through hoops without reimbursing you for any necessary expenses—then don’t hesitate to call on a home insurance lawyers in your area. Not only will they be able to help your claim move along more quickly (and hopefully get it resolved with no further problems), but they can also fight for fair reimbursement of any money you’ve had to pay out-of-pocket. After all, even if you were at fault in an accident that led to damage or destruction of property, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to recoup those losses from your insurer. So don’t suffer alone: reach out today!

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