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Get Gas Safety Certificate to Stay Safe Throughout 2023

Your gas safety inspection found a risky appliance. Thus? It’s normal to feel worried or anxious but don’t. This article discusses what to do if the gas safety engineer finds a gas device unsafe. We’ll discuss what to look for and how to prepare for your inspection to keep your family safe.

Gas Safety Inspections

A Gas Safe-licensed engineer must inspect all gas appliances and fittings to ensure safety. Gas Safety Certificate is required for landlords and tenants. The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 (GS(IU)R 98) define landlords as property owners who have rented their residence for fewer than seven years.

Gas appliances on your property may or may not be your responsibility. Owners are responsible for their gas appliances in rental units. If the renter owns the appliance, the landlord only installs it. To reduce risks, tenants should have their gas appliances regularly tested by a gas safety engineer. Your tenants should also agree on a gas appliance inspection schedule.

Who Checks Your Gas Safety Annually?

A Safe Gas engineer must do gas safety inspections. Gas Safe Register-certified local gas engineers are listed online. Ask a Safe Gas engineer to verify their registration number when they inspect your property. Gas Safe engineers will test the Gas Safety Certificate during the gas safety examination. The engineer will test gas pressure and operate equipment to ensure compliance.

If the appliance releases gasses that need extraction to function safely, your Gas Safe engineer will need to test it separately. Your Safe Gas engineer will test and record their results on a form they will provide you after the examination. This is a Gas Safety Certificate.

  • These are on your record form.
  • Business inspection location and date.
  • Gas Safe engineer’s complete name and registration number.
  • All machine breakdowns and repair procedures.

What Happens If an Appliance Is Dangerous?

On the gas safety form, the gas safety inspector will mark any gas appliances that represent a public risk. Your gas safety engineer can fix small issues during the gas safety inspection, but serious faults may make the appliance or fit hazardous. Gas Safe engineers may temporarily interrupt gas service. “Safety caution, do not use” signs will indicate the appliance’s unfitness.

  • This is how a Safe Gas engineer will inspect and approve your gas appliance.
  • Urgent threat: we’ll turn off your appliances’ gas if you accept.
  • With your consent, we’ll turn off the appliance until it’s fixed.
  • They will advise if your Safe Gas engineer cannot fix your gas appliance. As the property owner, you must ensure timely maintenance. Please do not use the machine until it is safe.
  • The authentic gas safety inspection certificate will arrive 48 hours after the exam. Before leaving, the Gas Safe engineer will offer you a Gas Safety Certificate.

What Should I Do If I Think My Appliance Has a Gas Leak?

If you suspect gas leakage from gas-using equipment, turn it off immediately. Never touch the gas appliance. If you suspect a gas leak on your property, do this:

  • Gas Emergency Hotline: National Grid
  • Open the house’s doors and windows for air.
  • Turn off the gas and meter control valve.

Gas Safety Certificate Guide

Homeowners must periodically inspect gas safety certificates for their security. Before utilizing new or installed gas equipment, check its security. Gas leaks are harmful. Thus gas appliances should be inspected. Owners must maintain gas appliances. Cooperating with tenants helps keep things current. Gas Safety Certificate offers free, no-obligation gas safety inspection quotes.

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