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How to Draw a Bobcat

How to Draw a Bobcat. Cats are among the numerous famous pets around the world. People love many breeds of domestic cats, but there are also various breeds of bobcats to admire in the wild. The Bobcat is one of these amazing bobcats.

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Found primarily in North America, this amazing creature can be found in many different environments and is known for its beautiful skin.

Fans of this animal often love to learn how to draw a bobcat to create artwork featuring this beautiful animal. This is exactly what this tutorial aims to help you with, so read it to the end!

How to Draw A Bobcat

Step 1

This animal’s snout is one of the most prominent parts of it, and that’s where we’ll start in this guide on how to draw a bobcat. The face we have in this first step is very detailed, so let’s start with the outline of the head.

Use a few curved lines for the sides of the head and then a rougher line for the insides of the ears. This rougher line makes it look a bit hairier. Make sure you also extend a few small lines from the tips of the ears to make the hair look like it’s sticking out.

Then finish with more curved lines for the top of the head. You can then refine the details of the face, and in this step, you may want to enlarge our example so you can replicate all the details, like the eyes and muzzle.

Step 2

Now that you’ve drawn the Bobcat’s head and face, you can start the outline for the body in this second part of your bobcat design.

First, extend a wavy line from the head to the right. This will form the Bobcat back that we will be adding soon.

Then use a few more curvy lines for the front of the chest and legs for the Bobcat to complete this step. You can now continue with step 4 of the instructions!

Step 3

In this third step of our guide to drawing a bobcat, you’ll add more to the cat’s front legs and belly. First, draw the rest of the outline for the front leg you started in the previous step, then add a couple of curved paws with claws at the end.

We will then add more details on the curved line for the cat’s back muscles and abdomen. Finally, add a rounded wavy line for the front of the back leg to finish this step.

Step 4

We will now complete the rest of the outline for your Bobcat drawing. So stay tuned for some final details and colors in the next few steps of the pattern. First, draw the back of the hind legs and add some paws at their ends.

These legs have a slightly different shape than the front legs, which were a bit straighter. Finally, draw a small, thick tail on the Bobcat’s back.

This tail gives this particular cat its name, and once that’s done, you can start adding the last few details we mentioned earlier.

Step 5

You’re doing a great job in this guide to drawing a bobcat! Before you have fun coloring your creation, we will first add the final details to complete it.

Draw A Bobcat

In our reference image, you can see that we used some wavy lines all over the Bobcat’s body to give cat body a little more definition.

Finally, once you have added these details, you can draw additional details and ideas that fit this image.

Bobcats live in various environments and biomes, giving you plenty of options to complement this picture with an awesome wallpaper!

Step 6

Our example image for this Bobcat design showed you the colors usually associated with this animal.

BobCat Drawing

It has a rather muted color scheme of light brows with subtle flecks, so we used some beige colors for the front of the chest before finishing with some orange for the eyes.

If you want to keep the colors more realistic, you can use this as an example while coloring your Bobcat.

Your Bobcat Drawing is Finished

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