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How To Fix Slow Internet Of Rockspace Extender

WiFi extender is a device that helps to extend signals throughout the house. Sometimes devices don’t get the proper internet and they don’t work properly. Because extenders can fail to spread internet signals. Behind the scenes, many reasons can disturb your WiFi extender signals. Here, we are going to provide some tips, which will help you to solve the problem of your WiFi extender. re.rockspace.local

Check The Speed Of the Internet Connection

Sometimes the speed of the internet connection is slow because you are paying for poor internet. Login to the website of the provider and look out that which plan you have. Open the web browser and enter the speedtest.net in the URL to check the speed of the internet. When your network is working fine and the plan of the internet is not just very fast. The best way is to boost up the speed to upgrade your internet.

Note: Also check your WiFi settings at re.rockspace.local

Use WEB For Slow Connection

The issue of the slow speed of the internet can take a moment and this time you will still need to have a web browser. You can do nothing about the slow speed of the internet when you are at a coffee shop or on a plane. 

In that case, you can use a web browser for the slow speed of the internet connection. Trying to enable a data saving mode or theme of the browser like chrome. You can also try changing your web browser user agent so that you observed the mobile and used the version of the website instead of a data desktop-heavy experience.

Try A New DNS Server

When you type any address bar in the web browser and your computer use something it is known as DNS and translate them into a computer-friendly IP address. Sometimes, the server of the computer is used to see that information which has an issue.

Thankfully you have given faster free options to use google DNS or you can also use utilities like namebench to check the speed test of your location and go with that.

Fix The Signal Of the WiFi

 If your extender position is not right, your wireless extender can’t receive the signals. Now, if you want good signals, you should relocate your Rockspace WiFi extender.  In this case, you just need to boost the speed of the WiFi. There are seven ways by which you can fix this problem.

  • Purchase a modern router
  • Don’t hide your router behind the television.
  • Purchase a WiFi extender.
  • Check the updates of your router at re.rockspace.local
  • Use an affordable long-range router just like a nighthawk.
  • Take a speed test of your WiFi.
  • Check I someone is using your WiFi.

Switch off The Hogging Apps

If you see the hardware is in working order, other programs are hogging the connection. For example, if you download the file from a regular web browser is going to be slower. In this, you must try to set up the extension which will block the bandwidth-hogging ads. Videos and animation use up your internet connection.

Call To Internet Service Provider

By these few methods If your problem is not solved then contact your internet service provider and ask for the solution to your problem from them. Most of the time, the internet service provider tells you to reset your rockspace extender setup. After the reset, it will take a few minutes to open again and after the reset, you will set up your WiFi extender again if you don’t know then follow the other steps to set up your WiFi extender. 

How To Setup WiFi extender On Mobile Phone

  • Firstly, switch off your mobile network before connecting.
  • Then, put plug the WiFi extender into an electrical socket.
  • After that, wait for a few minutes to keep the indicator solid.
  • Now, open the WiFi settings on your android mobile phone or laptop.
  • Choose your WiFi extender to connect.
  • Open the web page after the successful connection, and enter the re.rockspace.local to set up the password of the WiFi extender.
  • Now, you find the existing WiFi network you wish to extend and then type it on them.
  • Finally, it is successfully connecting
  • Now, if you relocate the WiFi extender to extend the range of your WiFi network then you can go to the rockspace extender setup and follow those instructions.

You can use these troubleshooting steps to resolve your slow internet connection in a few minutes. Stay tuned for more information.

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