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Get MBBS Admission In China’s Top Medical Colleges

MBBS in China for Pakistani Students

As it is difficult to get admission to medical school in Pakistani universities, Pakistani students may look for other options to study MBBS. If you are one of them, why not go to China? China is one of the best places to study MBBS abroad. In China, it is not as difficult as in Pakistan to get into an MBBS course. You just need to pass an entrance exam like AIPMT/MDCAT/MH-CET to get MBBS Admission in China into Chinese medical schools.

MBBS studies in China

There are many medical colleges and universities in China that offer high-quality education to international students. All these universities have PMC-approved faculties. Therefore, Pakistani students can opt for PMC medical schools in China. Chinese universities offer a high degree of internationality as they accept applications from students from all over the world. Most Chinese medical schools also offer instruction in English. Therefore, if you decide to study MBBS abroad, you should make sure that you choose to study MBBS in China.

Why study MBBS in China?

The most important factors for medical education in China are that the education is affordable and the universities are highly qualified. About 48 Chinese universities are accredited by the PMC. All Chinese universities follow strict rules, called “Quality Control Standards of International Medical Education in China,” to facilitate the education of international students.

The Chinese Ministry of Education publishes a list of medical universities each year where international students can apply for MBBS and English medicine. Degrees from Chinese universities are internationally recognized.

Since Chinese medical universities offer quality education at relatively affordable prices, most Pakistani parents want to send their children to study MBBS in China. The cost of education in China is around Rs 25 lakh, which is very little compared to Pakistan.

Therefore, Pakistani students are interested in studying MBBS in China. Due to these advantages, the number of students going to China to study medicine is increasing every year. Every year, more than 10,000 students travel to China to study medicine.

More information about China

China is the most populous country in the world. It is surrounded by grasslands, mountains, deserts, lakes, and rivers, providing a beautiful environment for its people. The capital of China is built in a modern architectural style and there are many historical sites.

Chinese people are very hardworking, which makes studying in China a very competitive environment. You may encounter language barriers in China, as the Chinese are happy to speak their native language. They communicate in Mandarin rather than English. It is therefore advisable to have some basic language skills before studying in China.

When it comes to food, you can try new flavors and dishes, such as noodles and other Chinese specialties. China welcomes applicants from all over the world, so you will experience a multicultural environment.  China is also famous for its tourism. Some of the best tourist destinations to visit while studying in China are

Western Lake Hangzhou – a paradise on earth.

Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong.

The Bund in Shanghai.

The Potala Palace in Lhasa.

Giant pandas in Chengdu.

The Yellow Mountains in Huangshan.

The Li River in Guilin.

The Forbidden City in Beijing.

Terracotta army in Xi’an.

The Great Wall of China in Beijing.

Who can study MBBS in China?

Students who have completed the 12th standard science examination or equivalent examination with 50% in physics, chemistry, and biology can study medicine in China, while 40% in physics, chemistry, and biology are sufficient for admission according to PMC’s guidelines for students in the reserved category.

Therefore, students who have passed Standard 12 are eligible to sit for the SET exam, which is a standard entrance exam held for admission to Chinese medical schools. Graduates who pass this exam are eligible for admission to Chinese medical schools.

Studying MBBS in China can be an amazing experience for students. Due to the larger population, hospitals experience a large influx of patients. Therefore, students studying in Chinese medical schools from the third/fourth semester onwards will have an excellent experience of internships and hospital visits. This experience is extremely beneficial for students who wish to continue their medical studies at one of China’s top universities after graduation. This is why China has become very popular among Pakistani students.

Students’ life in China

Chinese universities offer international students excellent hostels with a safe and excellent infrastructure. When you study MBBS in China, you can experience a multicultural environment and interact with many nationalities other than Chinese and Pakistanis.

Best medical schools in China

There are many world-renowned medical universities in China. Of all the medical universities in China, about 48 are listed by the Pakistani Medical Council. More than 10 000 Pakistani students study in China every year. Thus, by studying in a Chinese medical college, students can obtain globally recognized diplomas. Below are some of the most popular universities for medical students.

Chinese medical universities

Dalian Medical University

Guangxi Medical University

Nantong Medical University

Tianjin Medical University

Taishan Medical University

Ningxia Medical University.

Yangzhou University Medical School.

Chongqing University.

Jiangsu University.

The cost of research in China.

The cost of medical research in China is very affordable compared to Pakistan. Even admission to top Chinese universities is cheaper than to private medical schools in Pakistan. Typically, medical examinations in China cost around Rs 15-25 lakh. There are also good prices for accommodation in China. Even middle-class Pakistanis can complete their MBBS in China. Several Chinese universities also offer scholarships to ease the burden on students. When traveling to China, you need to consider a number of factors to assess your budget.

MBBS fees in China

Total fees for MBBS courses in China

Cost of board and lodging for the duration of the course

Accommodation costs, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Advantages of studying MBBS in China

China is one of the best countries in Asia to study MBBS abroad. There are several reasons why Pakistani parents show interest in sending their children to China to attend medical programs. See the section below to find out why.

MBBS Benefits in China

You have the opportunity to study at a 100-year-old university that offers quality education.

You have excellent opportunities for medical research. China invests huge sums in medical research.

There are many excellent PMC-accredited universities.

Medical programs are taught in English. So you can easily understand the courses.

Easy and fast registration process.

Modern classrooms, state-of-the-art labs, and internships.

Tuition fees are lower than in Pakistan. Tuition fees at most colleges start from Rs 2.5 lakh.

Air-conditioned accommodation and Pakistani food are available.

Over 37 MS/MD/MDS specializations and 8 super specializations.

Hassle-free visa processing.

PMC and WHO-accredited medical degrees are available.

Some universities offer scholarships.

Exams to study MBBS in China

If you plan to study MBBS in China, you need to pass the SET (Standardised Entrance Test) exam to study medicine in China SET has been developed on a uniform basis to provide admission to the best Chinese universities SET exam has been developed by a leading Chinese has been developed by an academic steering committee formed by universities offering MBBS. The standardized entrance exam serves as a quality benchmark to filter out good and deserving students who want to study medicine in China.

MBBS exam in China.

SET exam format.

The SET exam consists of four main parts, Part 1 and Part 4.

Each part contains questions on basic knowledge.

The topics of the SET exam are

Biology (50 questions, 100 marks)

Chemistry (50 questions, 100 marks)

Physics (50 questions, 100 points)

Mathematics (25 questions, 50 points).

Admission procedures for medical studies in China

The admission procedure to study MBBS in China is very simple and the admission fee is very reasonable. You can study in China without any problems. With the help of an education consultant, you can easily apply to the best medical schools in China. The MBBS admission process in China includes the following steps

Flowchart for applying for MBBS in China

First, choose the university and medical school to which you want to apply

Get an application form and fill out the application package.

Submit the application to the relevant university along with the following certificates

The school’s diploma.

Proof of passing 10th and 12th grade.

Copies of transcripts of diplomas, etc.

Once the university receives your application, it will send you an offer letter.

Once you receive the acceptance letter, immigration clearance begins.

You will then have to go to the Chinese Embassy in Delhi.

The visa application is based on the acceptance letter from the university.

When you apply for a visa, you should bring some of the following important documents with you

A valid passport.

A completed visa application form.

Two passport photos.

A copy of your acceptance letter/invitation letter.

Medical certificate showing that you are in good health.

Although it is a simple process, it is recommended to apply for MBBS in China through an educational consulting firm to ensure 100% admission to a top medical school in China.

MBBS studies in China for Pakistani students

This section provides detailed information about MBBS studies in China for Pakistani students. MBBS study in China has many advantages for Pakistani students who want to study abroad. This is because the cost/fee structure for MBBS in China is very low compared to Pakistani medical universities/US/UK. Moreover, Chinese medical colleges offer quality education to students from different countries at a lower cost.

Here is information about different MBBS colleges in China for Pakistani students. Once you know about MBBS in China, you can choose one of the best colleges in China. For graduates who want to study MBBS abroad, China is the best option. In fact, there are many factors that make it a good choice to study MBBS in China. Therefore, the following factors for studying MBBS in Chinese universities can be identified

Factors that make Pakistani students study MBBS in China

No entrance exam. Generally, you have to pass an entrance exam organized by the Medical Council of Pakistan if you want to study MBBS in our country (Pakistan). However, in China, there is no entrance exam to pursue MBBS training. You are free to choose which university to apply to. Therefore, this is one of the best reasons why you should study MBBS at a Chinese medical college.

A globally recognized medical degree. China even has world-renowned medical universities. Therefore, students who graduate from a Chinese medical college can apply for the national medical exams in any country. All countries are open to applicants who have studied MBBS in China. This is because these students have earned a globally recognized medical degree from a Chinese university.

Cost-effectiveness. Due to financial constraints, most Pakistani medical-class families are afraid to let their children study MBBS at Pakistani medical schools. For these people, there is a solution. In fact, it is 70% cheaper to study MBBS at a Chinese university than in any other country in the world. In addition to the cost of education, the cost of living is also very low compared to other countries. Therefore, students do not have to worry about the financial aspects of studying MBBS in China.

Rapid growth. China is a developed country. This is because it is growing rapidly in all areas, including healthcare, education, technology and transportation. The country offers the best living facilities for all types of people. Therefore, you can further your personal development by taking an MBBS course at a medical university in China.

Internships in Quality Hospitals All hospitals in China are equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities and offer innovative healthcare services to their students. These hospitals can accommodate a large number of patients and students and provide meticulous medical care.

China is a pioneer in modern medicine and one of the best countries in the world for offering high-quality MBBS training for anyone who wants to practice medicine on a budget. Chinese medical universities are ranked among the world’s top 500 medical universities. These universities provide high-quality education to students (even from other countries). Therefore, for students who want to study MBBS abroad, China is the best choice for medical studies.

Advantages of studying medicine in China

Many Chinese MBBS universities offer scholarships for students who enroll on time.

Dormitories for undergraduate students are common in China (separate dormitories for international students).

Students receive an internationally recognized Chinese university medical diploma.

China offers many job opportunities for MBBS students studying at Chinese universities.

During the MBBS program, students have the opportunity to undertake internships in prestigious Chinese hospitals.

Tuition fees at Chinese medical universities are very affordable and 70% lower than at MBBS universities in other countries.

In order to interact with patients, students have to take a Chinese language course in their first year of study. However, the MBBS course itself is only in English.

China is a heterogeneous country. Therefore, foreign students can easily adapt.

Foreign students have no problems with food, as Chinese cuisine is one of the most popular in the world.

Compared to other countries, the climate in China is very favorable for foreign students.

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