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Numerology and Its Various Aspects

The time when a youngster gets birth greatly impacts the child’s personality throughout existence. The name kept by his parents also exploited his life. The name and date of birth of an individual became the footing of numerology. Based on these numbers, progressive forecasts can be brought about by neurologists considering a career, relationship, personality, finance etc.  

How can you define Numerology? 

As the word Numerology implies, it is the science of numbers. Numerology entirely relies on numbers and their vibrational inclination that promotes a numerologist online or any numerology expert in indicating somebody’s destiny. It is said that all numbers have the energy to impact the factors of a person and the occurrences arising in their life. The abundance of numbers in a person’s birthday and the numerological counterparts in the name of a person are taken into appreciation.

Is there any role of numerology in predicting your future? 

By utilising your corresponding numbers, numerology can assist you in anticipating your future. There are several best numerologists in India who can foresee your destiny. Numerologists can borrow your date of birth and name to evaluate your peaceful or untrue fly numbers and planets. Peaceful numbers will indicate your good time in the future. Based on these analyses, the numerologist online can anticipate that this will be a good day, month, year or even a lucky relationship and business friend and much more. 

What are the different categories of numerology?  

Numerology is prominent and practised throughout the earth. However, in its aspects, there are some small disparities. The numerous and largely familiar categories of numerology are as:

  • Chaldean Numerology:

This aspect is thought to be assumed in Babylon. Here, the numbers are not allocated to the letters based on their alphabetical placement but as per the vibration of letters. In this aspect, the number 9 is not selected to any letter, but 9 can appear due to the addition of many numbers. This category of numerology also deems the date of birth and name of the person. 

  1. Pythagorean numerology:

This corporation of numerology is simple to understand and exercise and is deemed the most popular form of numerology. This type of numerology considers an individual’s birth date and name to deduce the findings from the interchange between the two. Here the numbers are allocated to letters as per their placement. It is based on numbers 1 to 9, and the numbers 11 and 22 are attended as master numbers or vibrations. 

  • Abracadabra Numerology: 

This aspect of numerology is deemed my least favourite aspect. This category evaluates a procession of numerical values and pyramids to get the outcomes respecting the individual’s character and life events. 

  • Kabbalah Numerology: 

The Hebrew alphabets are the footing of this category of numerology. It only borrows an individual’s name and comprises only 22 vibrations. 

  • New Kabbalah:

This contemporary interpretation of Kabbalah numerology was formulated to encompass the improvements in the modern Roman Alphabet. 

What are the various Usefulness of Numerology?

Numerology assists in understanding the positive and negative junctures of an individual. There are numerous ways where numerology assists and works for the improvement of the existence of people, like implying the right domain and career, relationship compatibility, indicating a positive name for company and kids and many solutions relevant to work, industry and job forecasts. 

What is a Life-Path Number? 

The life path number is perhaps the greatly significant numerological facet to be contemplated. The life path number can be inferred from your birth date. Each life path number illustrates special importance and meaning. These numbers will indicate who you are during this period. 

Life path number ascertains the unique traits prevailing in you and may be effective and powerful throughout your lifetime. A life path number also characterises any reliefs or challenges you may confront in your destiny and numerous tasks you may have to understand. 

From your birthday, this number can be evaluated by putting in your birthday numbers as: 

For illustration, your birthday is 5th April 1992. This can be reduced as:

5+4=9 (day and month)

The year 1992 will be 1+9+9+2= 21. 21 is again lessened as 2+1=3.

Now add 9+3= 12. Decrease this 12 to single digit as 1+2= 3. So 3 will be your life path number. 

The ground of Numerology – Single digits

The single digits from 1 to 9 are the footing of numerology. Every number, whether from your birthday or your name, is decreased to a single digit by adding those numbers it is created of. For instance, the number 213 is decreased to 6 as 2+1+3=6. By studying the personal meanings of every digit 1 to 9,  Numerology Consultation Online can read the vaster significance of any other number. As per numerologists, the significance of these several digits is as:

1: goal-oriented, innovative, Independent, 

2: influential, intuitive, unifying

3: artistic, charming, communicative

  1. Practical, loyal, service-oriented

5:  adaptable, social, curious

6: protective, romantic, supportive

7: analytical, curious, Spiritual

8: Ambitious, karmic, enduring

9: tolerant, supportive, Awakening


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