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Price of CompTIA Security+ Training and boot camps

Similar to the timeframe and the cost, as with the timescale, CompTIA Security+ Training and Bootcamp price differs based on the trainer and the delivery method, as well as the additional benefits included in the package.

The majority of training companies that are accredited offer online and on-site courses. CompTIA Security+ Training offers various training options, such as an online, live class-based Bootcamp for students and in-person classroom training for companies.

The instructor-led 10-day CompTIA Security+ Bootcamp costs $2,499. The course includes CertMaster Practice (practice exam) and CertMaster Labs (practical skills to improve your understanding). Students purchase the virtual labs by themselves, and the cost ranges from $199 to $1,049, based on the additional benefits you’d like to receive.

The monthly payment option

There’s a monthly payment option that is affirmative for US residents. In addition, students who reside in the United States and have a valid student ID and a.edu email address can avail of the CompTIA student discount.

For customized training for companies and firms, they must contact CompTIA with their company’s information to inquire about their prices.

There are other trustworthy CompTIA-authorized Bootcamp companies. For instance, InfoSec Institute’s CompTIA Security+ training Bootcamp costs $2799 and offers additional perks like an 8-inch tablet for free (only for a limited time). The prices are the same for both on-site and online boot camps.

CompTIA’s official Bootcamp

As with CompTIA’s official Bootcamp, there’s a month-long payment option that includes “affirm.” At the same time, students have access for a year to Bootcamp video replays as well as documents, among other things.

The Training Camp’s CompTIA Security+ Certification Bootcamp is cheaper at $2,295. The program includes additional benefits, including CPE/CEU after-class package and exam delivery assistance. Classes are offered either on-site or online, and the cost is identical. In addition, you may be eligible for special deals as well as group discounts.

Also, it’s cheaper than the more affordable is CyberKraft CompTIA Security+ boot camp, which costs $1,980 and includes a voucher for the exam worth $381. The Bootcamp is a two-week online course with additional benefits, including a year’s subscription to CompTIA Learn and Labs, the CompTIA Learning and Labs environment, and lifetime access to recordings of boot camps.

The Technology Training Center

The cost could also reduce, such as that of the Technology Training Center’s CompTIA security+ 5-Day Hybrid Bootcamp, for $1,895. The course can be complete on the internet or in person at the training facility of the institution locate in Columbia, MD.

Official providers, such as CompTIA and CompTIA, sell additional courseware on their online marketplace to increase the efficacy of boot camps. The final cost of training will be determine by the provider of your training and other study guides or courseware you purchase.

What happens following CompTIA Security+ Bootcamp?

The CompTIA Security+ certification boot camp aims to impart the required knowledge and abilities to pass the SY0-601 test. While it’s consider an entry-level test, however, it takes a lot of work.

CompTIA still needs to release the total pass rate. However, each of the training providers has passing rates. For instance, Certification Academy claims to have a 98 percent success rate, whereas Infosec Institute has a 95 percent success rate. So it’s essential to check the passing rate of the Bootcamp provider before registering.

The recently revised Security+ exam, released on November 12, 2020, is a performance-based and multiple-choice test. The exam has only 90 questions. The exam is 90 minutes long, so that you will have 1 minute for each question. A CompTIA Security+ score is 700 (on a scale of 100-900), and the test is available in English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Portuguese.

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