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The Best IELTS Training Centre In Dubai


The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an internationally recognized standardized English language test for learning, employment, and immigration. The IELTS test result is essentially an indication of your level of English language proficiency. The content of the IELTS Training Centre in Dubai has been developed by a global team of experts.

Intensive research is carried out to ensure that the test is free from bias regardless of gender, nationality, origin, place of residence, or lifestyle. In addition, the candidate’s future plans will determine whether they choose to take IELTS Academic or IELTS General Training.

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IELTS test modules usually consist of 4 types of tests, including listening, reading, writing, and speaking tests.

IELTS Listening module:

You will be given different recordings of different scenarios.

The recordings are usually recordings of general situations, academic discussions or lectures.

While listening to the recordings, you will have to answer the questions given to you in different contexts, such as completing and coordinating sentences, MCQs, etc.

The recordings are not repeated.

IELTS Reading Module

Duration: 60 minutes

The reading test is divided into short tests.

You have to guess the answers yourself rather than read them out loud.

You will need the guidance of a teacher for this part as you will find it problematic.

NLPTECH Innovation and Training in Dubai will give you guidance and quick tips to easily pass this level with an effective plan of action.

IELTS Writing Module


The IELTS writing test is usually long. The first task takes 20 minutes and the second task takes 40 minutes.

In the first part of the IELTS writing test, you will be put into real-life situations to see how you handle them.

The next task focuses on an abstract topic. You need to answer each topic carefully and clearly.

IELTS Speaking module:

Duration: 11-14 minutes

The speaking section includes some general questions about your family, your job, your life, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

You will be given a reference card that focuses on one topic. You will be asked to give your opinion on that topic.

You and the inspector have an informal and brief discussion on the topic of your choice.

IELTS Consultation

Who should take IELTS?

Those who need to take the IELTS course in Dubai:

People migrating to the UK/USA/Australia/Canada.

People who want to study in a place where the language of instruction is English.

For teachers who need to register with MOE or KHDA.

Certain health or employment professionals need a specific number of credits.

What kind of IELTS exams are there?

IELTS Academic test

IELTS General Test

What are the benefits of the IELTS certificate?

An IELTS certificate certifies your skills and abilities in English with an IELTS score.

IELTS is recognized by more than 3,000 organizations in the United States and by many institutions in English-speaking countries.

With an IELTS score, you can explore great career opportunities with improved interpersonal skills.

Many government agencies, universities, companies, and various institutions recognize IELTS test results.

IELTS is also recognized as proof of English language proficiency for study, registration, and work visas abroad.

Main features of NLPTECH IELTS preparation

NLPTECH offers the best IELTS training in Dubai. All IELTS applicants will undergo a pre-assessment test and IELTS consultants will give you feedback on your score and recommend a suitable course. Simply complete the registration process and within 48 hours you will receive support from our expert IELTS tutors.

What’s more, our courses are designed to provide you with in-depth training in listening, reading, writing, and speaking so you can focus on exactly what you want to do with your time. Above all, you will practice for the IELTS exam in a test environment and our experts will give you tips on how to improve your IELTS score.

NLPTECH offers a final IELTS practice test so you can see your practice score before you take the actual IELTS test.

IELTS score card

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Our IELTS training in Dubai includes the following IELTS preparation elements:

IELTS General and Academic exam preparation.

Letter and article writing training

English language courses for English language exams and English language courses for English language exams

Grammatical accuracy and coverage

Coherent and structured writing

Use of ideas or multiple perspectives

Individual speaking segment

IELTS basic practice and listening skills

Basic rules of sentence structure

IELTS learning opportunities with NLPTECH:

NLPTECH offers a customized IELTS study plan for academic and general IELTS preparation in Dubai. If you are an immigration aspirant and need help with the IELTS General exam, we can help you.

Our IELTS courses in Dubai are designed for candidates of all language levels. We can also help you make a plan to prepare for the IELTS after the course. Our IELTS training courses and free IELTS assessment test are designed to help you achieve great results.

IELTS Training Dubai IELTS Online Training NLPTECH:

We provide interactive distance learning online courses in various regions of the UAE and have a proven track record of excellent results.

In today’s environment, some students prefer this online method as it saves time. Learn at a time that suits you and on a flexible schedule. Unlike a traditional on-site lesson, it’s all about the money.

Book your place today for the best online and part-time IELTS tuition in Dubai.

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How can NLPTECH help you prepare for IELTS in Dubai?

A combination of classroom and online IELTS courses

Up-to-date Cambridge and IDP materials and key resources

Exceptional attention and one-to-one support from qualified tutors

Comprehensive preparation for all parts of the IELTS exam – listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Helpful IDP tips on time management and exam strategies

High-quality, research-based study materials

Relevant IELTS lessons test and practice IELTS tests with expert feedback to give you confidence before the IELTS exam.

You consistently help students to achieve the desired level in the IELTS Academic and IELTS General exams.

Why is NLPTECH the best choice for preparing for the IELTS exam in Dubai?

NLPTECH Education in Dubai is one of the specialized training institutes providing the best IELTS preparation. Our IELTS courses in Dubai will help you improve your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. We have the best professionals who can offer tailor-made courses for candidates.

At NLPTECH, we help our candidates improve their IELTS scores and overall English language skills through a variety of revision activities. In order to be the best IELTS training center in Dubai, we prepare IELTS courses using proper IELTS materials and IELTS test methods that are evaluated by all students. Our IELTS courses are run on a flexible schedule and, most importantly, are tailored to the individual learning needs of the students.

Our expert teachers use comprehensive, research-based learning materials and IELTS exam strategies to help you get the highest score on your first attempt.  As we strive to be the best IELTS study center in Dubai, our IELTS courses will give you a thorough understanding of the structure of each stage of the IELTS exam.

However, each section contains a different type of question and the IELTS test strategies allow you to pass each section in the allotted time. We understand your goals and are here to help you achieve better results on the IELTS Dubai exam.

If you want to have a great opportunity and achieve your dreams by taking the IELTS Dubai exam, join the NLPTECH study community and start preparing for the IELTS Dubai exam today!

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