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Top 10 Laptop Brands


enovo notebook refers to the portable notebook computer produced by Lenovo Group. Lenovo Group was established in 1984 with an investment of RMB 200,000 and 11 scientific and technical personnel from the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Today, it has developed into a large-scale enterprise group with diversified development in the information industry.


ASUS Computer is one of the world’s leading 3C solution providers, providing the most innovative products and application solutions for personal and business users. With the support of the world’s top engineering technology R&D team, ASUS’ product line completely covers notebook computers, motherboards, graphics cards, servers, optical storage, wired/wireless network communication products, LCD, PDA portable computers, mobile phones and other 3C products.


Hewlett-Packard (HP) is a global technology solutions provider for individual users, small and medium-sized businesses and research institutions. Hewlett-Packard (HP) products cover IT infrastructure, personal computing and access equipment, global services, printing and imaging for individual consumers, large, medium and small enterprises.


Acer takes “breaking the barriers between people and technology” as its historical mission, insists on humanized design, and persistently develops caring technologies. In order to provide consumers with easy-to-use and reliable products, it has successfully developed products that meet the actual needs of consumers. More simple and convenient operation interfaces are provided, and a variety of practical computer setting options are provided, allowing users to easily control the machine, enjoy the fun brought by high technology, and improve the quality of life.


Dell is known worldwide for its direct sales of IT. Dell home desktops and home notebooks are stylish in appearance and rich in color. They can customize personalized entertainment computers for consumers to meet the needs of high-definition audio and video entertainment, and provide users with convenient and considerate after-sales service. Large and medium-sized enterprises provide professional products and technical support. 


Shenzhou Computer has world-class production equipment and the strictest manufacturing management, and is favored by consumers with its high cost performance. Shenzhou’s current notebooks are subdivided into Tianyun, Carrier, Elegant, and Small series; consumers especially love Shenzhou’s notebooks. Elegant series of notebooks, this series of notebooks combines beauty, high performance, cost-effectiveness, and high industrial design.


As one of the core products of Haier, the world’s No. 1 white goods brand, over the years, Haier Computer has relied on the concept of “Technology + Design”, and has continuously developed new products to meet users’ needs according to users’ complaints: eye-running computers, notebooks for college students, and luxury notebooks VM, V5, T628, T6 and Jane Eyre 7 notebooks that won the 2018 Red Dot Award.


After the brilliant CES in the United States, Sony officially released the VAIO P series laptops in China. Japanese designer Chiro Momo attended and introduced the design of the products in detail, and Sony also gave the VAIO P series computers “cool bag computers”. ‘s Chinese name.


Apple’s system is very user-friendly, the operation is very simple and not cumbersome, and the function is very strong. There are many new functions that Windows XP does not have. Apple’s operating system is very stable, rarely crashes, and Apple’s system will not be infected with viruses, which means less worry and more freedom. Apple’s exterior design is very good, and stands out among many computers! Apple’s own ilife software, you can make photos, videos and songs. Apple’s performance in format compatibility is not very high, but it is still very good in other aspects.


Toshiba Computer Network (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a Japanese-owned enterprise funded by Toshiba Co., Ltd. and Toshiba (China) Co., Ltd. Mainly engaged in the sales and after-sales service of notebook computers and related products, as well as logistics technical support. The company promises to provide China with high-performance, high-quality notebook computers to help and promote China’s development in the field of mobile computing. As the creator of the world’s first notebook computer, Toshiba has been widely praised by customers all over the world for its pioneering products, concepts and superb technical strength.

Top 10 Benefits of Buying a Laptop

Speaking of buying a laptop is more cost-effective than buying a desktop, I don’t know if many people think that this is an advertisement for Shenzhou computers (“If there is a Shenzhou laptop, only a fool will buy a desktop computer. Haha, I would like to ask Shenzhou if it is to buy Shenzhou. What about desktops?). Of course not, there are more and more cheap laptops, and there are so many notebook products between 5,000 and 6,000 yuan. Shenzhou is just a head start. Now Acer, ASUS and HP, DELL Such international brands have joined the war one after another. You can also view at curry discount code nhs

As mentioned earlier, notebooks are getting cheaper and cheaper, but it does not mean that buying a notebook is more cost-effective than buying a desktop? This is true, although not absolute.


First of all, you can buy a desktop computer that is enough for office and study. The early 3000 should be enough. For example, an ordinary 17-inch flat-screen monitor that is less than 900 yuan, plus the general entry configuration, the price is almost the same. If it is equipped with a 17-inch LCD monitor, the cost will add about 800 yuan, which is 3800 yuan. To buy a laptop with similar performance at present, let’s not talk about Shenzhou, and choose Acer, Dell or Lenovo for products with higher attention. There are also laptops with less than 5,000, and the performance is not much different from the office laptops mentioned above. . The difference is about a thousand dollars. Apart from these low-end products, many brands of notebooks and mid-range notebooks are almost on the same level as brand desktop computers in terms of performance configuration. The motherboards of brand-name machines are generally XX, and the price of the same performance is not far from that of notebooks. Such as Shenzhou HASEE, Acer ACER, ASUS ASUS, Hewlett-Packard HP, Dell DELL, BenQ BENQ, Haier HAIER, etc., you can buy computers with similar configurations at the same price. The more popular ones such as Shenzhou’s W280A, W726T, L420T (super-powerful configuration, can be used as a game console), Q series (high cost-effective, lightweight and portable beautiful notebooks), HP’s 2508, 2626 (big name + good configuration), BENQR55EG , Haier H30 (configuration is also considered quite strong), DELL’s 1300 and 640M (high configuration dual-core big-name books) ACER’s TM4400 and so on. You can also visit at wayfair discount code 

 Almost every brand has more than one super cost-effective model. Of course, these are only about 5000-6000, and there are higher ones, everyone can take what they need. Compared with the assembly machine (DIY), it is a bit more expensive, but the after-sales service of the assembly machine is not as clear as that of the notebook.
And the compatibility and stability of the assembled machine is also a hidden danger (some people often have problems with the assembled computer, they are reinstalling all day, some data is lost, and even the entire chassis is repaired. I don’t know if someone is playing with the computer. Or a computer player)! You can also check at ao discount code nhs
And the warranty of the notebook is much better. Some brands provide on-site quick repair. If the repair is not good in one or two hours, they will even provide you with a spare notebook, and then take it back for repair. After the repair, it will be automatically delivered to your door, which is more worry-free. Even if there is no door-to-door service brand, you don’t need to take the notebooks to customer service without being as cumbersome and exhausted as a desktop computer.

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